Important Safety Notice

1.    No Minors or Vulnerable Individuals:

Our knives, tools and related products should never be entrusted to children,
adolescents under the age of 18, or individuals with disabilities or mental impairments.

2.    Avoid Self-Testing:

Refrain from testing the sharpness of our knives and tools on yourself.
Doing so can result in severe injuries, potentially fatal.

3.    No Threats or Harmful Intentions:

Under no circumstances should you use our knives or tools to threaten
or harm others intentionally.

4.    Proper Storage:

When carrying our knives and tools always utilize the provided sheaths
to prevent personal injuries in case of accidental falls.

5.    Designed for Private Use:

 Our knives and tools are exclusively intended for private use,
such as outdoor activities, holidays, barbecues, and leisure pursuits.

6.    Handle with Care:

It is crucial to exercise care and caution when handling our products
to ensure the safety and well-being of all users.
Please adhere to these safety guidelines diligently to avoid accidents and
protect yourself and those around you.