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Reini Rossmann

Ranger Ligter designed by Reini Rossmann

Ranger Ligter designed by Reini Rossmann

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The Ranger Lighter encompasses not only the compact, waterproof tinder compartment but also a variety of components that will greatly facilitate your life when making fires, especially under the most adverse conditions.

With the Ranger Lighter, you always have your dry tinder, wax from the wax pencil as a fire accelerant, and a lighter (not included) at hand. Perhaps the simplest yet most sensible idea is the safety ring that protects your BIC®J25 lighter from accidentally discharging in your pocket.

You can attach the Ranger Lighter either with the included keychain ring or the carabiner.

Made in Austria! Crafted with precision and quality in Austria

Product Details:

Tinder Compartment:
Top Part: 19.3 mm x 40 mm
Bottom Part: 16.3 mm x 40 mm
Total Weight: 4 g + 7 g

Wax Pencil Holder:
Dimensions: 29 mm x D=19 mm
Weight: 5 g

Lighter Case:
Dimensions: 18 mm x 29 mm x 36 mm
Weight: 8 g

Dimensions: 18 mm x D=10 mm
Weight: 1 g

Available in 3 colors:

  •     black
  •     surival orange
  •     glow in the dark

The Glow in the Dark variant shines brightly in the darkness after being exposed to light during the day. It's practical for making fire in adverse conditions and at night, ensuring you're always prepared, no matter the circumstances.

Scope of Delivery:

1 piece tinder compartment including ideal tinder
1 piece Wax pencil holder including wax pencil
1 piece Lighter case for BIC® Maxi J26
1 piece Glow in the Dark Bead
1 piece Keychain ring 25mm diameter
1 piece Black carabiner
1piece 22cm elastic cord
1 piece O-ring (Secures the lighter from gas leakage)

Operating & Maintenance Instructions:

Cleaning with soap and water is possible. Do not place the product directly near fire or other heat sources! If it is exposed to very cold temperatures below 0 °C for a long time, you should ensure that no strong loads affect it at that time.

The material is RoHS, REACH, and FDA certified and free from silicones.

Our products are not suitable for children under 3 years. There is a risk of swallowing.



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