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K4 Irbis Holder for Victorinox Huntsman / Fieldmaster / Fisherman / Explorer / Mountaineer

K4 Irbis Holder for Victorinox Huntsman / Fieldmaster / Fisherman / Explorer / Mountaineer

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The holder for the Victorinox Huntsman / Fieldmaster / Fisherman / Explorer / Mountaineer is ideally suited and precisely made for our Irbis. Why should you consider mounting this holder? The Irbis is a fantastic knife for chopping, hacking, splitting, and even classic carving tasks. However, if you are looking for a saw and the multifunctionality of a modern multi-tool, then this is the perfect addition for you. For example, you can directly mount your Victorinox Huntsman onto the sheath, thereby combining all functions in one package: a rugged knife for heavy and hard work, as well as a small, fine multi-tool that includes everything from tweezers, bottle or can openers, a small blade, to a very useful saw. The holder is designed to be mounted on the Irbis with the included screws, ensuring a perfect fit and stability even during vigorous movements. You can insert the Huntsman or Explorer into the precisely fitting sheath, with additional security provided by the included Flexi-Cord. This allows you to securely attach the knife to the sheath and the holder, ensuring that you never lose it and always have it at hand. Mounting this sheath offers an ideal combination of a heavy-duty knife and all the benefits of a multi-tool, mounted on one knife, always ready to use and perfect for your bushcraft, outdoor, and survival adventures.

Product Data:

  • Dimensions: 37 x 70 x 7 1mm
  • Weight: 38 g
  • Hole spacing for mounting: 53 x 35 (up to 45) mm

Compatible with:

  • Victorinox Huntsman
  • Victorinox Fieldmaster
  • Victorinox Fischerman
  • Victorinox Explorer
  • Victorinox Mountaineer

Suitable for:

Scope of Delivery:

  • 1piece Snap-in sheath
  • 1 piece Elastic cord
  • mounting material

The image shows additional equipment, such as our Universal Fire Steel Holder, which is NOT included in the delivery. Please note that the Victorinox knife is NOT included in the delivery.

Operating & Maintenance Instructions:

Cleaning with soap and water is possible. Do not place the product directly near fire or other heat sources! If it is exposed to very cold temperatures below 0 °C for a long time, you should ensure that no strong loads affect it at that time.

The material is RoHS, REACH, and FDA certified and free from silicones.

Our products are not suitable for children under 3 years. There is a risk of swallowing.

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